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So How Safe Are The Olympic 2012 Games Going To Be?

June 2011 - Aerial photo of the Olympic Park m...

June 2011 – Aerial photo of the Olympic Park main stadium and Orbit tower under construction (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Naturally where ever there is going to be a big crowd gathering security is critical. This is such the case with the London Summer Olympic 2012 games, and it seems that it has come under scrutiny. It raises a question though with something the size of this venue just how much security can really be put into motion. Plus just imagine the cost involved.
The latest news on the security plight of the Olympics is well viewed in this excerpt…
“G4S boss Nick Buckles insists he is right man for Olympics security
“Nick Buckles, the chief executive of G4S, today insisted he was the right person to make sure the firm delivered as many guards as possible despite the Olympics security debacle.
Mr Buckles was speaking before a committee of MPs to explain how the world’s second-largest private sector employer has failed to get enough security guards for Games venues.
He said he was sorry and deeply disappointed after the firm, which is running the £284m contract for Games security, failed to meet its targets.
He is under pressure to quit his £830,000-a-year job over the fiasco, which has resulted in the emergency deployment of soldiers and police officers and seen £400m wiped off the market value of G4S.
Asked by Labour MP David Winnick if it was a “humiliating shambles for the company”, Mr Buckles said: “I could not disagree with you.”
And asked if he agreed the reputation of G4S was in tatters, Mr Buckles said: “At the moment, I would have to agree with you.”…continue reading…

Read More http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/2012/07/16/g4s-olympics-security-described-as-chaotic-and-shambolic-by-police-groups-91466-31406180/#ixzz20tAuAUZL
Any country that has hosted any Olympic venue will be the first to tell you that it has its pros and cons. It truly does ignite the economy, but it also comes with a hefty price in respect to costs as the security issue here clearly indicates. It also has to be questioned as to how long term the benefits really are. Yet do we want to sacrifice these all important sporting events? Each and every Olympic venue is the aspiration for numerous aspiring athletes, who work for years for a chance to compete in the ultimate setting. There is a lot to be considered and weighed out when it comes to the Olympic games.
What is your opinion…are the Olympic venues worth the price?

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